Antonia Jolley is an artist and body-positive advocate based within the Midlands, UK. Her work is centered around empowerment, education, and appreciation of all body types with the goal to teach people to feel totally confident within their own skin.

“The artist reshaping body image across social media” – Disgraceful Magazine

​After graduating with a first-class degree in fine art, Jolley launched her Every Body series which saw over 300 people from all over the world volunteer to share their experiences and relationship with their bodies. This resulted in a successful solo exhibition featuring 123 topless torso paintings which were all accompanied by a body testimony from the model.

“Beautiful artwork that celebrates all body types and helps people in this modern world to look after their mental health.” – Snazz Awards

Jolley is continuing to create empowering artwork alongside commissions and running her new monthly feel-good workshop, Self Love Club.

“I’m sick of the photoshopped, heavily facetuned influencer culture and I want us to see some REAL BODIES! My confidence has been challenged massively due to social media and the lack of body types represented. I think it’s about time we all thought better about ourselves and how unique we are. 

I want the next generation to grow up knowing that they don’t need to strive to look like that person on Instagram, on television ads, or in magazines. But to know that cellulite is real and normal, that stretch marks are present on most bodies, and we all have incredible story-telling scars. I pray that we’re the last body-image-absorbed generation and that our future kids and grandkids feel free to love themselves.” – Antonia Jolley

‘Jolley’s art challenges social media perfectionism and gives a voice to women who feel as though they have been let down and left out of the social media scene because of their body image and lack of representation.” – Misty Robson, Disgraceful Magazine

Further Education
2017 – 2020

De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

Fine Art BA (Hons)


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The Trinity, Burton-upon-Trent, UK (22/10/2021 – 24/10/2021)


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Mental Health Business of the Year, Snazz Magazine Awards


The Sophie Hill Art Award