Art and Design Degree Show

Art and Design Degree Show, De Montfort University 2021 (01/07/2021 – 09/07/2021)


After Coronavirus cancelling both my graduation ceremony and degree show in 2020, I left university feeling as though I had missed out. However, I am so grateful that De Montfort University allowed 2020 graduates to showcasing their final year work alongside the 2021 graduates.

There are similarities between my final year work, Introspection, and my move to painting nudes for my Every Body project as both are based around social media and the affects that it can have on our mental health in regards to comparison.


Introspection, 2020

Introspection is a series of watercolour paintings exploring the often-toxic relationship we have with social media and the effects it can have on our mental health. The introduction of the social media influencer and the increased use of Photoshop has turned contemporary communications into an overwhelming, daunting platform of competition and comparison. Within my paintings, this has been metaphorically represented by the play of scale. The portraits have been miniaturised whilst the surrounding environments remain larger, imposing power-play and distortion. This demonstrates how we are just a small pawn in a multi-billion-pound industry.


Prints are available of the Introspection series, contact me via my social media accounts or on for more details.

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