CENSOR ME, I DARE YOU, London Exhibition – March 2022

I am joining with nearly 200 other artists in collaboration with Holly Inks in the CENSOR ME, I DARE YOU series!

You can view my piece in Holly’s London exhibition on Fri 4 March 2022 from 12 – 8pm, 10 Quaker Street, Shoreditch, London. FREE ENTRY.

My painting will also be available to purchase via the online auction running from Fri 25 Feb, 7:30pm – Fri 4 Mar, 7:30pm. A percentage of each piece goes towards a charity of the artist’s choice, 15% of the sales from my artwork will be going towards CoppaFeel!


An art movement in collaboration with Holly Inks’ tits. Asking creatives to ‘censor’ an image of her nips and stick two fingers up at the censorship rules. Over 150 creatives involved, each donating a % of sales to a charity of their choice.


My Painting

Better?, 2022

Acrylic paint on print

‘As some of you may be aware, I’ve been in a never-ending battle with endless social media sites and what they’ll allow me to share. My work constantly gets taken down despite painted nipples not going against any community guidelines. Both painted women’s nipples and photographed women’s nipples are allowed for educational purposes – but there seems to be a very fine line, a line that even the social media sites themselves can’t find?

Therefore, what’s better to censor nipples with … than nipples themselves! Only these nipples are allowed because it’s totally different right? These nipples are only made out of paint. Or maybe I painted male nipples? Because they’re allowed.

Either way, I’m joining with Holly Inks to make a point of how stupid censorship rules can be! My work is to educate, empower and appreciate all body types, allowing people to learn to love themselves more.

So, I’ve replaced the nipples with nipples! Hey Instagram, better?


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