Tote Bag Release

Who wouldn’t want to carry the message of self love around with them 24/7?! I wanted to create some artwork which was wearable and practical, that could start conversation … “why do you have boobs on your bag?”. I am fully aware that not everyone would want to be walking around with a naked body on their bag so I have created a variety of designs including different words, quotes, verses and illustrations.


In the move to limit plastic in our world, why pay 20p for a boring Tesco bag when you can pay £12 for a hand-painted eco-friendly, canvas tote bag?!


My self love tote bags are dropping TOMORROW on my Etsy shop at 5pm. There are eighteen hand-painted designs and they will retail at £12 each. Currently there is only one of each design, but due to the level of interest into them, I will be designing more and can reproduce any design subject to order.


Click here to be taken to my Etsy shop.

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